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The Positives of Doing Less and Noticing More

Your Mission!

The enforced slow down due to the COVID crisis is in stark contrast to our usual super-busy lives. We have this incredible opportunity to experience what it feels like to slow down – and begin to think about what we’d like to be different after ‘all this’.

So, grab a pen and paper and write down:

+ What you LIKE and

- What you DON’T LIKE about your life during this crisis

The more specific you can be, the better. Include everything – from big to small, and you may notice that many things come in pairs too!

Some examples include: I like having totally commitment free weekends but I’m missing the mental stimulation of weekend errands and trips; and while I dislike not seeing friends, I am enjoying not having to plan and organize my calendar!

So for now, just NOTICE – and write your observations down without judgment or analysis. This information will empower you to create a more meaningful and values-driven life going forwards!

We WILL get through this crisis and be stronger if we can connect to – and develop – these 3 core areas:

1. Connection to ourselves: This crisis provides a unique opportunity to slow down, and learn to LISTEN to ourselves!

2. Connection to others: Even as people are physically separated, we’re all pulling together and finding ways to increase our connection to others. And you’re probably also learning who matters most to you.

3. Connection to something bigger than ourselves. The positive impact of this COVID-19 crisis on the ‘natural’ world is huge. But the reduction in human activity – is good for us TOO. And it’s worth beginning to think where those two overlap – and what we might do differently to make the world a better place when this is over.

Remember: “Change the world, start with you!”

adapted from Emma-Louse of Fierce Kindness https://fiercekindness.com/the-environment-covid-19-and-you-benefits-doing-less/

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